My Dying Bride - From Inferior to Prime: 9-7

This is my very personal From Inferior to Prime 9-7 feautring the uncrowned kings of all things tragic and miserable. I will list all proper full-lengths of My Dying Bride - that's 12 at the time these lines are written. I don't count "Evinta" as a proper full-length since it is more of an experiment. Naturally, the same rule applies to the two "Meisterwerks", "Trinity", EP's, demo etc.
Here's my personal ode to making miserable music.

#9. Songs of Darkness, Words of Light (2004)

1. The Wreckage Of My Flesh
2. The Scarlet Garden
3. Catherine Blake
4. My Wine In Silence
5. The Prize Of Beauty
6. The Blue Lotus
7. And My Fury Stands Ready
8. A Doomed Lover

There's no denying that "The Wreckage of My Flesh" is an ├╝ber-hit when it comes to all things soul-crushing and bleak. After the opening track, things slowly declines and ends in utter disgrace with the weak song "A Doomed Lover". There are good parts inbetween, such as the majority of "The Prize of Beauty" and bits and pieces off "Catherine Blake" and "The Blue Lotus". Though overall, there is a boring "gothic feel" over this album that does not suite the Bride. Needless to say, the band has always sounded "gothic" on each and every album but there is an overall aura here that doesn't suite the band - "The Wreckage of My Flesh" excluded. Also, that cover-art is so ugly that I automatically squint my eyes each time I witness it's unholy glory.

#8. The Dreadful Hours (2001)

1. The Dreadful Hours
2. The Raven And The Rose
3. Le Figlie Della Tempesta
4. Black Heart Romance
5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter
6. My Hope, The Destroyer
7. The Deepest Of All Hearts
8. The Return To The Beautiful

If "The Light at the End of the World" (#11) was a weak attempt at a comeback after the much despised "34.788%...Complete" (#12) then "The Dreadful Hours" was the true return. From what I understand, it is generally praised among fans as a "true" MDB-record and mentioned in the same breath as the band's earlier classics. So I assume people will generally think I am some sort of MDB-newbie and without a total lack of taste. Well, you people are morons. The reason I place "The Dreadful Hours" so "low" as on #8 is merely due to the fact that I don't find it coherent and there's no real flow on the album. The title-track, "A Cruel Taste of Winter" and "My Hope, the Destroyer" are basically the only songs I listen to on this album. Yeah, the re-recording of "The Return of the Beautiful" is cool I guess, but I really don't see the reason to record it again.
Another reason for the album's placement is that My Dying Bride has so many damn good albums that the internal competition is just too fierce.

#7. Like Gods of the Sun (1996)

1. Like Gods Of The Sun
2. The Dark Caress
3. Grace Unhearing
4. A Kiss To Remember
5. All Swept Away
6. For You
7. It Will Come
8. Here In The Throat
9. For My Fallen Angel

I think that I heard "Turn Loose the Swans" before I "Like Gods of the Sun", but in 1997, this album is what made the teenage me fall in love with My Dying Bride. In retrospect, it very easy to see why. There is no denying that this is the most "accessible" in the band's discography with it's (on average) shorter songs and an overall "hit-lik" feel to many of the songs. "A Kiss to Remember" and "For You" are considered MDB-classics and it's easy to see why. All in all, it is a good album but with a different feel to it compared to many of their other albums - so may even call it catchy at times. I like (not love) most of the songs and they each have something interesting to offer - except "Grace Unhearing" which is a fucking waste of time. I also have to say that "Here in the Throat" might be the band's most underrated track, which I guess is one of the reason my band (ADVERTISMENT!) covered it in 2015.

My Dying Bride From Inferior to Prime: 12-10
My Dying Bride From Inferior to Prime: 6-4
My Dying Bride From Inferior to Prime: 3-1

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