My Dying Bride From Inferior to Prime: 3-1

This is my very personal From Inferior to Prime 9-7 feautring the uncrowned kings of all things tragic and miserable. I will list all proper full-lengths of My Dying Bride - that's 12 at the time these lines are written. I don't count "Evinta" as a proper full-length since it is more of an experiment. Naturally, the same rule applies to the two "Meisterwerks", "Trinity", EP's, demo etc.
Here's my personal ode to making miserable music.

#3. For Lies I Sire (2009)

1. My Body, A Funeral
2. Fall With Me
3. The Lies I Sire
4. Bring Me Victory
5. Echoes from a Hollow Soul
6. Shadowhaunt
7. Santuario di Sangue
8. A Chapter in Loathing
9. Death Triumphant

2009 marked the return of the violin in My Dying Bride and I vividly remember how stoked I was when "For Lies I Sire" was about to be released. I did not dissapoint me either, but from what I understand the album seems to be somewhat regarded as inferior compared to the previous 3-4 outputs. I cannot understand why this is since I feel that regardless of the wonderful addition of violin, the songs themselves are very well crafted and the entire album flows like a (dark) river. That is, if one is to disregard from the terrible and out-of-place song that is called "Bring Me Victory". It is a mid-tempo disaster that the band recorded a video to, most likely because it is the shortest track present here. The rest of the songs though, have nothing to be ashamed of and "My Body, A Funeral", "Fall With Me", "Santuario di Sangue" and "Death Triumphant" are true MDB-classics in my opinion.

#2. The Angel and the Dark River (1995)

1. Cry of Mankind
2. From Darkest Skies
3. Black Voyage
4. A Sea to Suffer in
5. Two Winters Only
6. Your Shameful Heaven

For a long time, I held this as my favourite MDB-album ever, but as you can see, I have decided to drop it one place. So what's wrong with it then you ask? Well, except for the incredibly ugly cover (seriously, this is one of the worst official album covers I have ever seen) there's not really anything. It opens with what might very well be the most famous of MDB-songs ever and no matter how tired I am of it - I cannot deny the sheer monumental lurking prescence of misery that "Cry of Mankind" is. It is one of the songs off the album that I listen to the least but the rest of them are equally monumental. This is also the MDB-album where the violin shines the most and where one will find one of my favourite songs ever: "Two Winters Only". If you have the slightest of interest in this band - you have to own "The Angel and the Dark River".

#1. Turn Loose the Swans (1993)

2. Your River
3. The Songless Bird
4. The Snow in my Hand
5. Crown of Sympathy
6. Turn Loose the Swans
7. Black God

My favourite album from My Dying Bride is the same one that a majority of the bands' fans would agree with me on. The monumental doom-metal classic known as "Turn Loose the Swans" is a beyond labelled "just another album". I've already dissected this album earlier - as the Metal Monument that it is - so I'll just end it here. Own it. Love it. Breathe it. This is one of those rare albums that just grow better over time.

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