Moonspell from Inferior to Prime: 12-10

I was very interested, quite intrigued and later inspired by AMG's excellent "From Worst to Best"-section he did with Iron Maiden. So much that I decided to the very same with some of the bands who's discography I am familiar with (more so than Maiden anyway). So this is my extremly personal "From Inferior to Prime" (since I assumed AMG copyrighted that other sentence). Anyway, I'm not the least ashamed to borrow stuff like this blantantly. Also, I now linked to the guy's site twice, so he should actually be glad ;-)

This is my personal From Inferior to Prime 12-10 feautring the pride of Portugal. 

#12. Alpha Noir (2012)

1. Axis Mundi
2. Lickanthrope
3. Versus
4. Alpha Noir
5. Em Nome Do Medo
6. Opera Carne
7. Love is Blasphemy
8. Grandstand
9. Sine Missione

Yeah, yeah, I know that 'Alpha Noir' and 'Omega White' are "siblings" and that I (sort of) reviewed them both together back in 2012. But since they are two albums that sound so very different between each other, it wouldn't be fair to judge them together. So I wont.

I gave this album 5 out of 10 in said review, but 3 years later, it hasn't exactly grown on me. Quite the contrary, I consider this the crappiest album Moonspell has ever released. Why is that you ask? Well, for one reason - I stand by the fact that it was a huge misstake to make one "aggressive" and one "soft" album. The beauty with the music of Moonspell is that they are so damn good at blending said aggressiveness with mellow parts. What you have here is 40 minutes of almost non-stop "modern metal" with keyboards and and screamed vocals. Usually, there's two or three songs on a weak Moonspell-album that at least gives the album some saving grace. 'Love is Blasphemy' is - apart from a very embarrassing song-title - almost an OK song and there are some parts in the instrumental outro 'Sine Missione' that almost makes the leap from OK to good. Almost. But those moments cannot save an album that have the wannabe-black metal that is 'Lickanthrope' or the "we-haven't-written-a-rock-n'-roll-song-before" that is 'Versus' - seriously THE WORST song Moonspell has ever written.

So the verdict is this: The riffs are boring, the melodies are non-memorable, the keyboards are uninspired and vocalist Fernando basically sounds tired. This is without a doubt the most inferior album these portugese lads ever have written.


#11. Omega White (2012)
1. Whiteomega
2. White Skies
3. Fireseason
4. New Tears Eve
5. Herodisiac
6. Incantantrix
7. Sacrificial
8. A Greater Darkness

As with it's sibling above, there's few things that I can say that I already didn't say in my earlier review. It is a much slower and more mellow album than it's big-brother and it also has way more atmosphere and a total lack of screams. I still claim that 'Whiteomega' is more or less a soft copy of 'Scorpion Flower', but I seem to be alone in this claim. And 'White Skies', 'Fireseason' and 'A Greater Darkness' are those three redeeming songs that saves a mediocre Moonspell-album that I spoke about earlier. Even though they are just OK.

The album mixes slower songs with a bit more up-tempo ones, but most choruses are unmemorable and apart from the three that I already mentioned, the songs lack memorable melodies and most of the choruses are either so god damn bland ('Incantantrix') or downright embarrassing ('Herodisiac'). Although far from being as utter dull and pointless as 'Alpha Noir' was, 'Omega White' isn't exactly the summit of Moonspell's discography...


#10. Darkness and Hope (2001)
1. Darkness and Hope
2. Firewalking
3. Nocturna
4. Heartshaped Abyss
5. DevilRed
6. Ghostsong
7. Rapaces
8. Made of Storm
9. How We Became Fire
10. Than the Serpents in my Arms
11. Os Senhores Da Guerra

When this was released back in 2001 I had discovered loads of other bands and grown kinda bored of Moonspell. I bought the album, listened to it a couple of times and more or less forgot about it completely. It has sort of always been the album in Moonspell's discography that I keep forgetting. For this section, I had to go back and listen to it in it's entirety for the first time again in god know's how many years. Will I keep forgetting about it in the future then?

Unfortunately, it still isn't a very good album. I don't know what the band thought when they decided to open an album with such a forgettable song as the title track is - it almost sounds as if Fernando is falling asleep whilst singing FFS! I remember that I enjoyed the hell out of 'Firewalking' back in the days and I still do - it is an extremely good song that is completely misplaced on this not-so-very-good album and thus, sadly forgotten. On the contrary, I never cared for 'Nocturna' at all back in the days - it just felt like a quickly written semi-ballad for teenage goths. Well maybe it is, but I actually like it's atmosphere and the hooks. I was surprised how good it sounded today. So, we're three songs into the album and we're looking at one snooze-fest and two songs way above average so far. Looks promising doesn't it? But 'Heartshaped Abyss' is an absolute travesty of a song without any direction whatsoever and a cringe-worthy chorus that leaves a sour aftertaste. 'DevilRed' quickly turn things around and is definitely one of the better songs on the album. But most of my praises stops there, both 'Ghostsong' and 'Rapaces' sounds unfinished and things only continue downhill from there. Sure, there are a few redeeming qualities in parts of 'How We Became Fire' and 'Than the Serpents in my Arms' but those are few and far between. If you did as I did back in 2001, and bought the limited box-edition, you could also get the opportunity to get your ears raped by a disgraceful cover of Ozzy Osbourne's 'Mr. Crowley'. What's even worse, is that said song is (probably) recorded or mixed elsewhere than the rest of the album, but having way more punch to the guitars and a much better drum sound as well.

'Darkness and Hope' is, together with #9 on my list (still to come) one the most uneven Moonspell-albums to date. I find it sad that songs such as 'Firewalking', 'Nocturna' and 'DevilRed' all are buried and forgot in this sea of mediocrity. The album as a whole is not very memorable at all and the production is far inferior to all their earlier works. Now that I re-visit it, I feel like it could have been so much better.


Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 9-7
Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 6-4
Moonspell From Inferior to Prime: 3-1


A decade ago: 2005 in retrospect

Apparently, 2005 wasn't a very good album year in metal. At least not for me personally and this is what this blog is about. But there were at least a few gems amidst the layers of crap.

Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies
As I discussed in my review of the band's latest album, I don't care particularly for this album. It's definitely not bad per se, but compared to the rest of the tiny Arcturus-discography, it doesn't hold up. No song is flat out bad either, it's just that the album overall sounds a bit tedious and many of the songs tend to float into each other, making it difficult to remember what song you just heard. It's Arcturus though, so it's a lot better than most other metal records.

Recommended track: Difficult choice since they all kinda sound alike, but I'd have to go with "Evacuation Code Deciphered" since I love those lyrics so much.

Candlemass - Candlemass
Candlemass' best vocalist was Johan Längqvist who sang on their masterful debut album and that's a fact. Sure, they have a couple of solid tracks with the good old monk as well, but I have always been baffled as to why he always seems to be regarded as the Candlemass-singer. Anyway, 10 years ago, this band got together and recorded this here comeback album, which in reality isn't very special. There are a few good songs here, but this band made other albums both before and after this one that I consider more quintessential.

Recommended track: Again, there's a reason why "Black Dwarf" is the opener. It is that much better than the rest of the songs.

Falkenbach - Heralding - The Fireblade
If I have understood things correctly, this is sort of a re-recording of old tracks that either never were released, released on crappy demo-tapes, re-recorded etc. And it somewhat shows since some songs really sound teenage-like in their songwriting-approach. The new version of "The Heathenish Foray" is vastly superior to the original that can be found on "...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri" (1998), "Of Forests Unknown" and "Walkiesjar" are two other solid tracks where the band man effectively mixes Bathory-like viking metal with more modern sounding black metal. All in all, this is a very good album from Falkenbach, although not his best.

Recommended track: You guessed it, "Heathen Foray".

Lik - Besvärtade Strofer - Toner Från Gammelbyns Fäbodar
Lik was (is?) a one-man project from the guy behind the underrated Armagedda. The music is some sort of groovy folk/rock with black metal-influences. Does it sound weird? It isn't and it works extremely well for some bizarre reason. Think of Isengard but with better execution, more sincerity and a better vocalist and you're sort of there. Don't know what else to say other than the fact that this is easily amongst my top-5 albums of 2005.

Recommended track: They're all good, even the intro and instrumentals, but I guess that "Åkallelse" best demonstrates what this is about.

Lumsk - Troll
This was a way overhyped band when they released their debut album in 2003. I bought the hype as well and imagined that I liked said album. I took me a year or so to realize that it was quite ill-conceived and not very thought through. Needless to say, I had no expectations for the follow up but it is miles better than the debut, I can tell you that. This is classic folk metal with that nordic feel, albeit it sometimes feels too forced and they like to venture into the prog-swamp at times as well. They went full prog-retard on their third and final(?) album, so I guess we should've seen that coming. A couple of solid tracks on this album.

Recommended track: Easy decision, since "Perpålsa" with it's deep, dark vocals and groovy swing is the best song this band has ever done.

Månegarm - Vredens Tid
Once upon a time, I used to really dig this band a lot. Now I know better, even if I don't dislike this sort of music. It's just quite bland from time to time. "Vredens Tid" though, is easily Månegarm's best album with songs such as "Sigrblot", "Skymningsresa", "Dödens Strand" and their best work ever; "Hemfärd". That last song is something I still occasionally put on. Not much else to say about this, it's viking metal with good melodies but a lack of depth.

Recommended track: Hear hear! "Hemfärd".

Sentenced - The Funeral Album
As the album-title reveals, this was the swan song from the drunken Finns in Sentenced. They basically became a semi-boring goth metal (but with a thing for good melodies) band around 1996 and never looked back. Apart from their debut album (which was pure death metal), they have had an extremely uneven discography filled with peaks and valleys. "The Funeral Album" is no different as it mixes solid songs such as "May Today Become the Day", "Ever-Frost", "Vengeance is Mine" and "End of the Road" with crap such as "We are but Falling Leaves", "Her Last 5 Minutes", "Despair-Ridden Hearts" and "Drain Me". So there you have it. I miss these guys some days.

Recommended track: Yes indeed. "End of the Road" is the band's last song ever and it is also their most honest and soul-crushing.

Solefald - Red for Fire - An Icelandic Odyssey Part I
Ah, I'm feeling a bit bored now and at loss for what to write. I like Solefald as much as the next avantgarde-sucker, but I don't hold this album very high in their discography. It's part one of a concept album about vikings and Iceland, I think... There a couple of songs that stand out here, but they're nothing special if one compares to the rest of their discography. It's the usual avantgarde-weirdness but in reality, there's little new to offer here.

Recommended track: The insanity of "Survival of the Outlaw" is something I like.

Taake - Hordalands Doedskvad
I like Taake and their somewhat melodic take on tr00e Norwegian black metal and "Hordalands Doedskvad" might just be one of this band's' best, if not the best work. Had I reviewed this I would've given it several minus points for naming each of the tracks "Hordalands Doedskvad Part I" and so forth. There's no other excuse than laziness for such a thing and the band did it for their two previous albums as well. Honestly, if they have had proper song-titles, I think I would listen to this band a lot more.

Recommended track: When you start an album with the battle cry 'Helnorsk svartmetall!', you simply can't go wrong. So it's obviously called "Hordalands Doedskvad Part I".

The Vision Bleak - Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem
I found out about this band way too late, but for the last few years, I've been listening to them a lot. The Vision Bleak call themselves "horror metal" and that's a quite apt description since it's basically gothic/heavy metal with ominous keyboards and soundscapes. "Carpathia" is a concept album about god knows what, but that's not as important as the music itself. Sonically, this might not be the band's best work, but they tend to always release quite uneven albums, so that's okay. There are more hits than misses present here and this has to be one of my favourite albums of 2005.

Recommended track: "Secrecies in Darkness".

Thyrfing - Farsotstider
When this Bathory-esqué folk metal album was released, I was actually quite disappointed. I'm not really sure why, cause I hail this as the band's most solid work so far. Negativity is the keyword on this album and the Swedish lyrics just reek of death, demise and misery. There's really no weak track on the entire album and it flows like perfection. I think this just might have to be my absolute favourite album of 2005, so it feels good to end this ranting on a good note for once.

Recommended track: "Höst" is amazing in it's own way but so i also "Tiden Läker Intet".


Review: Solefald - World Metal - Kosmopolis Sud

Band: Solefald
Album: "World Metal - Kosmopolis Sud"
Style: Avantgarde metal
Release date: 2015-02-02
Origin: Norway

1. World Music with Black Edges
2. The Germanic Entity
3. Bububu Bad Beuys
4. Future Universal Histories
5. Le Soleil
6. 2011, or a Knight of the Fail
7. String the Bow of Sorrow
8. Oslo Melancholy

I hadn't originally planned on reviewing the latest output from Norway's eclectic duo Solefald. Not because I didn't like it, no because it was released almost four months ago and most people into this music have already either heard it or read about it elsewhere. But this is a very special album and I felt that I had to say something about it. So here I am, ranting on about the masterpiece that is "World Metal - Kosmopolis Sud".

Yeah, I guess it's a dead giveaway concerning what rating this album will get, but I just can't hide my feelings for this album. That's right - feelings. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this way about music, first time I heard "Sear Me MCMXCIII" by My Dying Bride when I was 16 and the first time I heard "Svältvinter" by Vintersorg when I was 19 comes to mind though, as they also gave me that certain something. I'll admit I really enjoyed Solefald's last offering "Norrøn Livskunst" (2010) and it gave me a couple of eargasms back in the days. So I naturally had high hopes for this album, but I wasn't prepared to be this overwhelmed.

It all starts with what might be this year's best song - "World Music with Black Edges" - seriously, I can't think of any other band that manages to fit eurodisco into a metal song, without it seeming out of place. But Cornelius Jakhelln and Lars Are Nedland does just said thing. Tribal rhythms and weird soundscapes also enter this musical pallet and never has a song been so aptly titled. Lyric-wise it goes all over the place, but I just can't help but smiling at the incredible words penned by Jakhelln:
'In 2000 we wrote « Open the Black Metal Order » :
« There are no Blacks in Black Metal, the name must be an error
How did this temple of sound roar into being?
Who made it the tornado it is?
The bad kids are getting old but they what played is not
Open the Black Metal Order. This is pain immortalized
The future is said to be many things but I predict it to be Transatlantic
Who is able to carry on through? Who is able to stay courageous? »'

Musically, the album continues with melodies that glues to your brain, combined with sheer madness while the two vocalists sing, growl, scream and snarl all over the place. Naturally, it takes a couple of listens to even begin to comprehend what the hell is going on. Once you do, I hope this music sounds as sweet to your ears as it does to mine. Hell, even the obvious weird-for-the-sake-of-being-weird-song "Bububu Bad Beuys" is amazing! Unlike "Tittentattenteksti" on it's predecessor, this one makes me smile and nod my head with the music. Think "black metal meets african drums" and you might have a clue as to what's going on.

While "Le Soleil" might be the album's weakest point, it isn't bad at all, it just lacks a certain feeling that the all the other songs do. And oh my, how the last trinity of songs on "World Metal" touched me deeply; When I first listened to "2011, or a Knight of the Fail", I immediately enjoyed it. After I had heard it a couple of more times, it felt like I knew it by heart, but after I read the lyrics the first time, the hair on my arms stood straight up and I felt shivers all through my body. One simply has to read the lyrics whilst listening to this song in order to fully appreciate it. It continues with the insanely emotional "String the Bow of Sorrow" where I my eyes started to tear up when I first heard it together with the lyrics. I think you get my point by now, so I really don't have anything wise to say about "Oslo Melancholy".

It has been quite difficult to write about this album I must say. Mainly because it's just so damn difficult to describe in words, one really has to listen to it. Now. I can't give "World Metal - Kosmopolis Sud" 10 out of 10 though. Why? Simply because the album isn't perfect, but very close though.

'I will leave you here, where you sat with your parents
On the simple wooden staircase
Where bumblebees hum and blackbirds sing
As the evening breeze sways the firs in the sunset
- Solefald'



Two decades ago: 1995 in retrospect

I always used to look back at 1995 as the year for me when it came to some of my favourite albums released. But how do I view this year now that I'm all grown up and boring? Has some of my favourite albums really aged that well or should I be butt-smashed for my inferior taste? Let's find out...

Anathema - The Silent Enigma
This used to be one my absolute favourite albums and I totally get why. I had just recently discovered this sort of metal but doom was still to slow for my taste. What this album does, is standing with one foot in doom metal and the other being firmly placed in the band's future, with more dreamlike atmosphere and (somewhat) faster pace. Though this is still really slow music and it honestly hasn't aged very well, especially Vincent's vocals which I find tedious at some points, though far from being bad.

Recommended track: When I do spin this album, it's always the first two and the last two tracks that gets any playtime. So I could choose either of those, but right now I'll go for the monumental "A Dying Wish".

Arckanum - Fran Marder
I didn't discover Arckanum until 2008's "Antikosmos", but this is where it all started. This is evil-sounding black metal that still somehow manages to be very nature romantic and atmospheric at the same time. It's very lo-fi (obviously) but intended to sound like that as well, so that's nothing to complain about. Had I heard this back in -95 I would probably have shat my pants in terror. Also, gotta love that album cover.

Recommended track: "Gava Fran Trulen" is a classic of course, but my favourite is easily the mid-tempo paced "Trulmælder" with it's weird female vocals in the chorus.

Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia
Symphonic black metal it is then. I've always considered this debut album from Arcturus to be more of a youthful reminder of the band's past rather than a real album that fits into the band's avantgarde-discography. Lately I've come to revise that opinion a bit. It sounds very early 90's in it's style and execution and if it weren't for the vocals and the odd Arcturusisms here and there, one could easily mistake this for an early album by Emperor or a later album from Dimmu Borgir. Thankfully Garm's vocals easily beats both Ihsahn's and Shagrath's, that's for sure. Some parts of this album I really like, some I don't. Simple as that.

Recommended track: Although I prefer the re-recorded version from "Disguised Masters" (1999), "Du Nordavind" is still the best track here.

At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
If there's just one album that deserves the term classic, it's probably "Slaughter of the Soul". I like the album for what it is, even though the music could have been a bit more varied. But it's a melodic thrash/death-extravaganza with endless smash-hits and it still sounds relevant today. Legendary album is legendary if you know what I mean?

Recommended track: I have to chose only one? Oh, fuck it! Then I'll just go with the title track then. I love that song.

Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
I'm ducking before incoming shitstorms and evil fists as I'm writing these words, but to me, "Panzerfaust" is the epitome in the discography of Darkthrone. Here, all the previous elements came into fruition; sheer aggression, atmosphere, melody and vocal delivery. It is obviously a lo-fi production, but they're thankfully not going all "Transilvanian Hunger" (1994) on us. It's clear that the band had grown up a bit when they recorded "Panzerfaust" compared to the previous albums. If you've never cared particularly for Darkthrone earlier, try this album and it just might change your mind. It sure did for me.

Recommended track: For me, there are three tracks that are outstanding on this album; "En Vind Av Sorg", "The Hordes of Nebulah" and "Hans Siste Vinter" - try them all.

Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
Another classic melodic black metal album. It took me years of neglect and scorn before I finally realized just how good of an album "Storm of the Light's Bane" is. Jon might have been a satanic madman and an accomplice to murder, but by Satan how gifted he was when it came to writing memorable melodies and all things considered catchy. Sprinkled by his spitting voice of razor blades, this is album is to melodic black metal what "Slaughter of the Soul" was to melodic death metal - a real classic!

Recommended tracks: All are classics (except for the intro and outro of course), but the one that always makes the hair on my arms stand is "Retribution: Storm of the Light's Bane".

In the Woods... - HEart of the Ages
I never liked this album when I bought it back in the days and I still don't today. The music can best be described as melodic black metal with dreamlike atmospheres, avantgarde-elements and insane screams that really destroys whatever feeling could've been. Except for the title track which I still count as a very good song to this day. This band was so much better when they focused on clean vocals, which they thankfully figured out themselves when they released "Ominio" in 1997. That album is great. This one isn't.

Recommended track: As I wrote, the title track is really all that matters.

Iron Maiden - The X Factor
I'm not actually the best person when it comes to discussing Iron Maiden, especially during the Blaze-era. But hey, it always pisses someone off so why don't take a shot right? To put it blunt, Bruce outsings Blaze in every way possible, but since everybody already knows that, what else should I say? Well, it's a dark album, at least in Maiden-measurements so I get why a vocalist with a lower register than Bruce's was considered for this album. Musically, Iron Maiden has done a shitload of way better albums than this and everyone knows that as well. It's far from a disaster though, I just wonder why anyone in their right mind would rather listen to this than "Piece of Mind" (1983), "Powerslave" (1984) or "Somewhere in Time" (1986)?

Recommended track: Well, the single  "Man on the Edge" has cool melodies but is totally ruined by Blaze's vocal melodies. "Sign of the Cross" is a much better song and has an epic feel to it, but would probably have been better with Bruce anyway.

Folk metal in it's purest form, without any flutes or violins. I am pretty sure all the songs here are Darkthrone-leftovers that were considered too melodic for said band. Fenriz's nationalistic vein really shows here, and he is dangerously close to drop over the ledge and go all cartoonish on us. Mostly he manages to balance on the edge and it's great on tracks such as "Neslepaks" and "Over De Syngende Øde Moer", but when his drunken vocals says 'Fuck you all!' over a monotone keyboard in "I Eí Gran Bortí Nordre Åsen", it is difficult to not start laughing out loud. As said, you have to appreciate "bad" vocals and lo-fi production in order to fully be able to digest "Høstmørke". I appreciate those things some days. Some days I just find it plain dumb.

Recommended track: The word "skapelsen" (creation) backwards is spelled "Neslepaks" - so there you go!

My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River
I have listened to this album more times than can be considered healthy and thus, I know it inside out. To me, it certainly is a classic album, but I can understand why some people have a hard time accepting vocalist Aaron's weeping vocals and the lack of growls on a doom/death album. The band had here moved further from pure doom, even though most of the songs still are slow as hell, but they have added so much atmosphere it's almost ridiculous. This album bleeds atmosphere and even though it might sound a little dated today, it's nothing that removes the overall impact it had on me as a young boy. And the bride is still dying...

Recommended track: All songs except the utterly boring "Cry of Mankind" are great, especially the lovely "Two Winters Only" - that song is going to be in my life forever.

Mörk Gryning - Tusen År Har Gått
Another melodic black metal to the reaper. And melody is definitely the word to emphasize here. Mörk Gryning ("Dark Dawn" - yes, it sounds equally silly in Swedish) basically consisted of teenages at this time and it sometimes shows, even though I mostly am impressed by the songwriting quality on this debut album. "Tusen År Har Gått" is a solid work, but there were better melodic black metal albums released this year, for sure.

Recommended track: Sometimes, there's a reason why band's choose a certain track as the opener and this is no exception. "Journey" it is.

Storm - Nordavind
One guy who was exceptionally active in the year of 1995 was good old Fenriz. This is his third album on this retrospective list. Storm is basically a more "serious" version of Isengard, with less emphasis on black metal and even more nature romantic and nationalistic in sound. This is both good and bad, depending on what mood you're in. And why on earth is "Noregsgard" basically a folk-metal copy of Darkthrone's "Quintessence" from the album released the same year? Has no one ever asked Fenriz about this? Also, this album contains the classic anti-christian theme "Oppi Fjellet". Good for giggles.

Recommended track: I like most tracks here but choose "Villemann" if you're into Fenriz' drunkenness and "Langt Borti Lia" if you want to hear more from the beautiful voice of Kari Rueslåtten.

Theatre of Tragedy - Theatre of Tragedy
Once upon a time, I was a real sucker for all things gothic and metal combined and Theatre of Tragedy was a band that could fulfill just that. For one album at least. And I'm of course rambling on about their second album "Velvet Darkness They Fear" (1997) and no this debut. Both albums uses the same formula; male growls vs. weak female vocals (from the most overrated woman in metal) all based on a layer doom metal with loads and loads of keyboards, but the successor managed to take those ingredients and craft solid songs. This one has only two of those...

Recommended track: ...and those are "A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal" and even more so, "Dying - I Only Feel Apathy".

Therion - Lepaca Kliffoth
This is another album that I was really into as young, but compared to the one just above here, I still listen to "Lepaca Kliffoth" on occasions. Sure, it sounds really dated when you listen to it in 2015, but I cannot deny that there are some really strong songs here. Also, I like this version of Therion the best - when they used keyboards instead of orchestras, when the vocals was a combo of Christoffer's semi-growls and Piotr's deep drunken voice. Some minor orchestrations and soprano vocals are found here, but they blend in so good with the rest of the music that it only adds flavour. This is basically keyboard-driven heavy metal with elements of gothic- and doom metal. Easily this band's best album.

Recommended track: I have loads of favourites here, but the winner has to be "Evocation of Vovin".

Ulver - Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler
Another album that is really considered a classic by many people. Not by me I tell you. I don't get that nature romantic feeling that I know they aimed for. To me, this mostly sounds like Dimmu Borgir's "Stormblåst" but with a lot of cringe-worthy clean vocals. It's mid-paced black metal that really isn't something special. At all. Sure, there are parts here and there that gives me hope for a minute or so, but then it's all destroyed by a tedious riff or boring melody. I don't get this album and I don't think that I ever will. Sorry, but Ulver and I will probably never be close friends.

Recommended track: Not really, but at least "Een Stemme Locker" is short, to the point and has beautiful acoustic guitars that reminds me of Empyrium's "Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays" (1999). Check that album out instead!

Unanimated - Ancient God of Evil
Dissection and Mörk Gryning weren't the only Swedish bands that released melodic black metal albums this year. Naglfar did it as well. Oh, and Unanimated too. In reality, this perhaps borders a bit more on the melodic side of death metal but who cares. If you're familiar with any of the other bands I just wrote, then chances are good that you'll also enjoy "Ancient God of Evil" with it's amusing cover art. This is a quite uneven album in my opinion, with some amazing songs and some tracks that doesn't really feel finished.

Recommended track: "Life Demise" is a fucking classic (dat melody!) and you owe it to yourself to learn the lyrics and sing along. My favourite part is where he's supposed to sing the word 'visions' but end up clearly saying 'wisions'. So many Swedes have trouble with differentiating between v and w.

Okay, I am seriously off-topic now. But was 1995 really such a good album year that I've always considered it? I still have to say yes to that question. Some of the albums listed above are still large favourites for me and add to that Moonspell's amazing "Wolfheart" and Paradise Lost's breakthrough album "Draconian Times" (these two albums are scheduled to be dissected in other sections in the future and therefore wasn't listed here) and I'm even more sure. I thought of adding more albums that are considered classics, such as "Demanufacture" by Fear Factory, "Mandylion" by The Gathering, "Infidel Art" by Sigh and "Amok" by Sentenced, but I felt that I wasn't really qualified enough to write anything on those albums.

Review: Arcturus - Arcturian

Band: Arcturus
Album: "Arcturian"
Style: Avantgarde metal
Release date: 2015-05-08
Origin: Norway

1. The Arcturian Sign
2. Crashland
3. Angst
4. Warp
5. Game Over
6. Demon
7. Pale
8. The Journey
9. Archer
10. Bane

"Sideshow Symphonies" (2005) was the first album without vocalist and founder Kristoffer G. Rygg (aka Garm, aka Trickster G. Rex) who apparently got tired of all things metal and decided to turn Ulver into a trip-hop band, depending on way too much drugs as a sole inspiration. Vortex (Borknagar, ex-Dimmu Borgir) naturally took over the vocals since he basically was the only one who could be up to such a task. It didn't make things worse that he already knew the band and provided vocals on a couple of songs on the masterpiece that is "La Masquerade Infernale" (1997). "Sideshow Symphonies" was a major disappointment for a lot fans, including your humble writer. Bad production aside, something was lacking compared to "La Masquerade Infernale" and "The Sham Mirrors" (2002). The songs were quite boring and not nearly as adventurous as they had been in the past. All in all, it sounded like Arcturus was trying too hard to sound like Arcturus. I think I'm on to something here, since the band disappeared and kept silent for a long time. So here we are in 2015 and it's been 10 long years since we last heard from the insane space-crew that inhabits the star known to us earthlings as Arcturus. But was it all worth the wait?

"The Arcturian Sign" kicks things off a bit in a manner and a style that was nowhere to be found on the tedious predecessor. It's an excellent choice in an opening track since it combines elements from all the band's previous albums, including the atmospheric black metal album "Aspera Hiems Symfonia" (1995) and it's a joy to hear some more, albeit brief, aggressive moments in Arcturus' music. "Crashland" is more mellow and atmospheric and could easily fitted onto the predecessor. But if that would've been the case, it would have been one of the best songs. The melody parts, both musical and vocal, treat my ears with wonders where the part around 1.50 reminds me very much of Guns N' Roses (of all bands). It's works emotional wonders on my mind and the album continues to do, despite what mood the space-pirates sets for us. "Angst" brings us Norwegian lyrics and a tad more aggression again whereas "Warp" has a keyboard melody that is to die for. "Demon" and "The Journey" is pure psychedelia and "Bane" has a moment where all "The Chaos Path"-lovers surely will get their satisfaction.

The songs are overall shorter than they've ever been throughout the band's career. "Arcturian" is a varied album that takes quite a few spins to actually digest, but once that is accomplished, I can't do anything but bow down to the masters of the genre that is avantgarde metal. The production is muffled and only slightly better compared to "Sideshow Symphonies", but I have never been a person that deduces points from an album just because the production is bad. Okay, I just might, but then it has to be a total disaster that really annoys the fuck out of me. This is nothing like that.

I know it's only May, but if "Arcturian" isn't anywhere near my top-5 at the end of the year, then this has surely been an amazing year music-wise. All in all, if you've liked Arcturus' previous efforts and you don't enjoy the fuck out of this one - there's something seriously wrong with you.
I know at least one such person...



Top-10 list of 2014

Watain live 2015-02-22 in Malmo, Sweden
Over a year has passed since I last wrote a damn thing on this blog. Why, you may ask? Well, it's the same usual excuse people have when they stop doing things online. In my case it has been being buried in studies, moving to a new apartment (twice), finding the love of my life and most importantly; a general lack of interest in both the blog and music.

But hey I'm back! For how long, no one knows. So let's just be happy while it lasts ok? Or be sad, I don't really care. I have a few ideas laying around on what to write about here and I hope that all the people that used to follow this blog still continue to do so. It will most likely be in the same vein as before, with the usual grammatical errors and spelling fuck-ups. Why? Because I'm Swedish that's why.

But first things first - I never did a top-list over the albums of 2014 so that's prio uno. Basically, it was a crap year in music so that's why this list became so short. Also, I almost didn't listen to more than 10 new metal albums for the entire year, so there's probably a lot I've missed. Anyway, not halfway through 2015 and it's already waaaaay better. So let's just put this list out of it's misery asap!

10. Lux Occulta - Kolysanki
Style: Avantgarde metal
Origin: Poland
This is weird. I mean really weird. And sometimes it's not metal whatsoever. Sometimes it's very good when I am in the right mood and sometimes it just feels to damn weird. The tempo changes are out of this world, they use every damn instrument you can imagine and it's all sung in Polish. It's ugly, but in a good way although it sometimes feels these guys are going weird just for the sake of being weird. Compared to Arcturus, Ulver or Solefald, it feels too forced.

9. Stilla - Ensamhetens Andar
Style: Black metal
Origin: Sweden
Quite similar to the band's debut album "Till Stilla Falla" (2013), but with a better approach to song-writing. The band is far from your classic black metal as they use acoustic guitar and keyboards (only for atmosphere mind you) and sometimes remind me of the best nature-parts of old Ulver and Armagedda's underrated "Ond Spiritism - Djefvulens Skalder" (2004). Mostly midpaced, atmospheric and easy-listening black metal makes this a good album - simple as that.

8. Anathema - Distant Satellites
Style: Progressive rock
Origin: UK
It's been a long time since Anathema had anything to do with metal, but since they once started out in that manner, it still feels legitimate to have them on my blog. And how can one deny the sheer beauty in vocalist Vincent's voice? Or the band's incredible song-writing?
On this album, the band almost sounds as vital and as relevant as they did on the amazing "Judgement" (1999). And that alone is a very, very good rating.

7. Entombed AD - Back to the Front
Style: Death metal
Origin: Sweden
Oh stop it. You already know what this band sounds like. L.G. still sounds like a caveman and it's basically the same song-writing approach and sound as it has ever been. The only thing that is different are those two new letters behind the name and the fact that they once more use two guitars. And what a difference that makes (the thing with the guitars, not the letter-part) compared to "Serpent Saints" (2007). They sound more angry and more revitalised than they've done in a long time and that's a good sign. Keep it up.

6. Skogen - I Döden
Style: Black metal
Origin: Sweden
Skogen is actually quite similar to Stilla when it comes to their approach to black metal. Very nature-ish, some clean vocals here and there, atmospheric key-parts (only when it's appropriate mind you), lyrics in Swedish and more focus on melody rather than aggression. Sometimes I also get some serious Arckanum-vibes and that isn't horseshit either. The only complaint I have is that some of the songs drags a bit too much for my taste, thus making the album a couple of minutes too long.

5. Alvenrad - Habitat
Style: Folk metal
Origin: Netherlands
Folk metal sung in Dutch have never been my cup of tea (I still have nightmares from that one time I did the mistake of listening to Heidevolk), but this is surprisingly good. It's no secret that these guys have listened to Vintersorg both once and twice and sometimes it really shows in the songwriting as well as in the vocal-melodies ("Woudakoestik", "Verweven Klauwen"). At other times, they go more aggressive on us ("1911") and the prog-like love for Jethro Tull and other bands are ever-present on the entire album. This is a really promising debut album and I love to hear what these guys will accomplish in the future.

4. Empyrium - The Turn of the Tides
Style: Folk/Progressive metal
Origin: Germany
Let's get it over with immediately; this is far more atmospheric and drenched in keyboards than Empyrium has ever been before. Comparison with the band's first two doom-metal albums are nowhere to be found and even the acoustic guitar-masturbation that was so present on the third album is lacking. All of the songs are basically slow, slow songs with lots of keyboards and mostly clean vocals and choirs, still masterfully done by Thomas Helm. There are sudden outbursts of doom metal, acoustic guitars and growls, but usually when they show up in a song, I am already tired. It's still masterfully done and all the songs are basically great, but I had so high expectations on this comeback-album and I have to say I was a bit let down. Also, I want to hear lots and lots more of Shadorf's voice.

3. At the Gates - At War with Reality
Style: Melodic thrash/death metal
Origin: Sweden
Comeback album of the ages? Whatever your opinion on this band and their worldwide acclaimed "best metal album ever" (you know which one I'm talking about) you can't admit you weren't at least interested in hearing how "At War with Reality" would sound. I was and I liked it a lot. Everyone else has already said that it's basically "Slaughter of the Soul" part deux, but with elements from the band's entire back catalouge and I am inclined to agree with that. Not as catchy as the 1995-album but also not as streamlined. Colour me impressed (but not over-excited)!

2. Behemoth - The Satanist
Style: Black/death metal
Origin: Poland
This album almost made me over-excited though. Thing is, I ruled out this band a long time ago and didn't think they had anything relevant to come up with anymore. They've basically done the same album over and over again since "Thelema.6" (2000). Yes, they haven't sounded AC/DC-exactly the same, but you get my point. What "The Satanist" does is thankfully introducing A LOT more varied song-writing, not so much instrument-wankery and most importantly; more black metal in the mix. This is something that is very refreshing compared to that "extreme metal-thingy" they've (successfully) been doing for so many years. "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer" is amazing and "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is epic beyond belief. Easily the band's best work since "Satanica" (1999).

1. Vintersorg Naturbål
Style: Folk metal
Origin: Sweden
If you read this blog, you know that I consider Vintersorg one of my all-time favourite bands ever (I feel like I've already written that elsewhere), so placing "Naturbål" on the top spot wasn't very difficult. It all comes down to this, have you heard this band before, you know what it sounds like. Have you enjoyed any of the two previous albums, you are guaranteed to do the same here.
I of course like it a lot. But I don't love it and I don't feel that it is as strong as it's predecessor "Orkan" (2012) and emotionally and songwriting-wise it has nothing on the band's first three albums. But songs such as "Ur Aska och Sot", "Lågornas Rov" and especially "Elddraken" are to me already classic V-songs, I just feel that they could have been even better. Sometimes it feels like the band writes an amazing melody or riff and then just decides to paste it together with something else, usually inferior. That makes the album halt a bit at some points and I would even go so far as to say that "Urdarmåne" is the worst "real" Vintersorg-song I have ever heard in my life - not counting instrumental tracks, intros and outros. And that really is something...